Revence 27 (Reloaded) Guestbook
Revence 27 (Reloaded)
The Revence 27 Guestbook

Okay. Thence thou art. I figured it would be logical to move the guestbook to within close proximity of the main pages.
It can be very pissing to watch your world change when you're supposed to be in the domain.
The other advantage it comes with is that I can pass on a thing or two while you write:

  1. Please don't swear. I know I've broken the rule, myself, but I'm God, over here. I call the shots. Be clean. I know such things only have one effect — they inspire swearing.
    I bet someone has told you about The Law and its effect.
  2. The secret is out: you can use XHTML to markup your stuff. But make sure you have no faults in your HTML, or else I'll delete the entry, because it'll be jeorpadising the rest of the entries.
    So, Tony, to underline, just write <u>The Text to underline</u>. Don't use it as a sandbox, though. Know XHTML before you write it.
  3. I've programmed my own guestbook. But I can't afford the hosting packages that let me use Perl on the server. So, enjoy this, but it'll be gone, sometime.

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